Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Down On Luck

It was a much friendlier place on The Wheel then our last several stops. Samuel and I hit the Sabacc tables first thing. I lost a few credits as usual. Samuel faired a bit better hitting big on the last hand. I never get that lucky. And of course he soaked in the applause and attention from the crowd that had formed at our table. The same crowd that just saw me lose one of my worst hands ever. How embarrassing.

We met a fellow more down on his luck then myself, goes by the name Jace. He seems good intentioned. One of those cocky pilot types, but in some way different then the standard run of the mill hot shots I’ve come to know and forget throughout the years. Jace had a lead on a job. Having lost a few credits at the tables and eyeing a new piece of laminate armor I was ready for the next payout.

Jace brought us to the local headquarters of Isotech. There we met with a director, which wanted us to chase down the Sa Nalaor, a treasure ship. I’m all about cashing in on a job or dice game, but a treasure ship seems a bit farfetched for me to believe. My immediate thought was this was a cover up to lure us to an uninhabited part of the galaxy so we could get robbed. I was a bit less cautious of the whole thing when Samuel negotiated 25% of the agreed upon fee upfront. All we needed to do was locate the ship and search for some techy junk that some has-been researcher was working on. There was something about dangerous beasts and no one ever returning kind of ghost tails nonsense made to scare children. I honestly wasn’t paying attention until we were talking about credits.

After leaving Isotech I had stopped by the medical bay to see if they could fix the gash in my face. I was thinking that getting this god awful thing of a face fixed would make me feel better about being humiliated at the Sabacc tables. Just my luck, it was worse then I expected, or at least as worse as the stares and grotesque looks on peoples faces were portraying. The surgeon couldn’t do anything without extensive treatment, what a waste of credits… I knew I should have hit the Sabacc tables instead of coming to this lack of talent medical bay. I picked up a vacuumed sealed set of laminate armor hoping the purchase would spark some spirit in me, but it didn’t. In the process Samuel had asked one too many questions about a set of heavy armor for Nathan which almost got him arrested. I swear that guy is the luckiest son of a nerf herder I know. Nathan and I ducked through the alleyways to avoid the authorities. I picked up some other gear for what I thought would be needed on our next trip. Feeling down about the Sabacc tables, the disappointing trip to the medical bay, and no thrill from my new purchases, I decided it was probably best if I just headed back to the ship. I got a few harsh beeps from Iish when I walked onboard. My only guess being he was probably jealous of my new armor and a bit pissed that I didn’t have any new toys from him. I was half hoping he would stab me in the leg right there and let me bleed out. I couldn’t look any more like a monster then I do now. I climbed in the bacta tank for a bit of solitude and escape from the world.

I awoke from the bacta tank to hear Fix screaming on the PA system. He was mumbling something about the protocol droid with the coordinates to the Sa Nalaor was being hijacked from us by a group of rodians. Its going to take more then a group of rodian thugs to get in-between me and my payday. With bacta still in my eyes, and not entirely sure of what was happening, Samuel shoved a bola in my hands before he took off running at the rodians. Nathan was waving his hands strangely at the rodians when the gravity sled suffered some sort of mechanical failure. Seriously, they picked the worst piece of space junk for their getaway. Jace ran out into the hanger bay, paused for a moment and took off toward the protocol droid. Luckily I was able to find a V-5 gravity sled running by one of the shops. I jumped on and punched it. I was able to catch up to one of the rodians and entangle him with the bola. Nathanial was able to drop another rodian in an exchange of stun blaster shots. By now a crowd had formed in all the commotion as Samuel shouted for authorities to help stop the thieves. With the help form the mob, Jace was able to catchup with the last rodian. Sure he could have just waved a blaster in his face to make him stop, but Instead Jace gave the rodian what he deserved, a solid kick to the face. I’m liking the new guy’s style. The force from the kick knocked the rodian from the sled as a gratifying smile stretched across what little face I have.

The rodian thieves were apprehended, but not before the remainder of their gang and ship blasted off from The Wheel. I have a feeling we did not see the last of them. Obviously they are looking to cash in on our job… Its going to be more then stun blasters and bolas if we meet again in the remoteness of the outer rim.


Vwls Spramat

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