Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Click, BANG, OWW

Upon departing the Wheel in what I can only say as a stomach turning departure, Gadik and I, each being the most physically beat up members of this crew, debated the best use of time in the Bacta tank. My time in the tank was somewhat a mix of great dreams with a foreboding – gonna be sucked into space at any moment – type feel. Dreams of lifting large objects have been on my mind as of late, but with the experience of the unfortunate exploding bounty hunter not far in the past, that dream becoming a reality will rely on some help from a mechanical or cybernetic friend. After emergence from the Bacta tank feeling a lot less pain and stiffness in recent wounds; I believe the next few days could be a great adventure with profit and plunder possible in our near future. Hearing our new companion droid mention things stuck to us and wondering what the hell we keep our little friend fix around for. The debate to remove the tracker was a very split decision, with our pilot Nathan having the plan we inevitable went with. Breaking from hyperspace we all knew something was going horribly wrong and if the crew as a whole didn’t jump into action our short time with our new space ship was going to turn into an eternity entombed and frozen. With Nathan on the stick and Fix doing his techy things, Gadik and I were left to try to see something, anything out of the small ports that lead to the large rocks attempting to end our little pleasure cruise. Seeing one at almost the very last minute I was able to guide Nathan and the rest of the crew to be on high alert and helped to avoid being struck by the largest of rocks. Crisis averted for the moment, we set down on the jungle planet to remove the lovely tracking device that someone had placed on us. Good thing Fix hadn’t gained much weight because the panel he had to slide behind didn’t leave much wiggle room. As the biting insects around us became much more annoying than even the worst of the filibuster back on the council, our small friend chirped he was complete. Upon Fix slapping the part on the outside of the ship a red light began to blink and an almost inaudible hum began to emanate from the removed device; we were going to have a small fireworks show and I for one hoped it didn’t involve Sullustan parts. After what could only be construed as someone who has never thrown anything, ever, the device ended up astonishingly far away from our friend Fix. After a quick once over of the crew to make sure everyone had all their bits, it was good to see that Fix seemed unfazed, but I guess when you destroy equipment as often as he does a little explosion that far away is like a day off to him. Nathan on the other hand had started to show a lot more stress, which resulted in an almost anger towards his fellow shipmates. His stress seemed to spike after the explosion even though he was the furthest away from the device and its inevitable resting spot. These episodes will require further evaluation, and I hope it won’t detract from his overall use to the crew. Finally, most things seemed to calm down a bit and after a few hours of flying we found our query. The next few hours were slightly hazy but in them I remembered a long fall followed by a hard landing, shooting some grotesque things and eventually finding what we were looking for. Upon return to our ship, and another debate on medical issues, the comms started crackling in what Jace told us was Imp codes and gibberish. Hearing this oh so great news, the first words out of my mouth were, FIX JAM THEIR COMMS, HELL JAM EVER……


Vwls TylerHarvey

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