Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Cholganna not for the faint of heart

We made another short trip to the next crash site to discover the ship was mostly submerged. I gotta admit I didn’t have a good feeling about going into the ship half filled with water. The ship was acting as damn but was leaking from all sides and tons of fast flowing water.

Jace volunteered to row the boat we found on shore so I jumped on with Fix to get to the boat first. Gadik and Samiel stayed behind because they couldn’t fit, but I admit I felt better knowing Gadik was watching our backs. Unfortunately, he was so busy making sure we were safe he didn’t notice the Nexu about to pounce. The fighter had quick reflexes though and after the nexu tried to bite Samiel Gadik dealt him a severe wound. Samiel followed up with some fire. The three of us were spectators as the fight ended very quickly with the giant cat running away for easier prey.

Once we all made it to the ship we began our search. We searched for several hours with only Gadik and Jace having the fun of a water slide. Once we were able to catch up with both of them we discovered that they were in a room no scavengers had gotten into. Jace picked up an electric staff and Fix collect a lot of odds and ends in parts.

As we were leaving the ship I noticed smoke trails from so air traffic. It looked fairly recent but no planes were in the air. We rushed back to our ship to find Ish with a pile of rats that he said were attacking the ship. Once onboard I was feeling much better more in control. We made our way to the next crash site and I decided to put the ship down closer on a narrow ledge. I was concerned that the other ship would already beat us here and this would save us time. Luck was with me as it usually is when I’m flying and we touched down perfectly.

I grabbed my gas mask and an extra shock grenade and we made our way into the last ship component that looked like someone was using as a base. There could have been survivors at one time. We entered an intersection and IT-3 notified us that he thought the bridge was to the right, the comms array to the left and the vaults below us. Gadik and Samiel immediately wanted to check the vaults. I had my concerns because Samiel mentioned he heard some skittering when he fell on our arrival.

Gadik lead the way and once he touched down on the floor he noticed not one but three nexu around him. He shot first but the nexu was unperturbed as it attempted to bite his face. I shouted down there was no clean grenade throw and for Gadik to move back but he said to throw it anyways.

I lobbed one of my stun grenades down the vault and it exploded hitting all 4 of the bodies down there with sonic waves. I climbed down after the throw and drew my blaster. At least with more targets they won’t all attack Gadik at once.

Jace and Fix came back after me but did not hit much as the creatures had a terrifying presence. One nexu stepped up to attack me with its tail which I noticed was augmented somehow with electric fields. Fix was attacked by another giant cat with electric metal claws. My nexu hit me again and I kept my composure from the electric field. I stepped back and fired a stun shot from my Genosian blaster and dropped the cat.

My main threat down I looked around to see Gadik and Jace fighting his nexu and the clawed nexu pawing at the ground but no Fix. I turned and opened up on the clawed nexu and knocked it back enough for me to see Fix overload the creature’s claws. With the electric field down the creature was still deadly and it continued to maul Fix tearing at his leg. Jace finally killed the nexu with his electric staff which freed up Gadik to take the final shot at the last nexu.

I rushed over to Fix and gave him a stim pack to wake him up. With the immediate threat down Gadik went and bandaged up Fix. For the moment we appeared to be safe but we need to keep moving on or the empire or the other salvager crew might catch up to us.


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