Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Bad Mood

I don’t dare send a transmission home. As much as I want to let my family know that I’m alright they’ve got enough on their plate, and gods know we don’t need the heat should the wrong person intercept. I’ll send back a care package as soon as I can put one together and find somebody trustworthy enough to get it home…maybe a micropod with the right heading…seems like a long-shot, but I’ll take a look at the math.

I’ve always been more comfortable in the company of computers and machines than people; up until lately their ability to converse, and argue with me has been limited. I was able to compile and reconstruct the battle droid research we took from Teemo’s palace back on Tattooine, I put it into an old astromech shell I’ve been working on, both for convenience and the whole battle droid thing is seems a little taboo. The exercise was better in theory than in practice; he’s blood thirsty, but I think he’ll come around.

He’s had some altercations with ID3; the protocol droid that was sent to accompany us; I can hardly blame him, that thing’s awful. Frankly I don’t trust him, he’s been scanning our ship and everything on board; you’d think he’d be more grateful after we rescued him back at The Wheel. Despite all of his scrutiny and his ability to somehow detect a rogue tracking device on the outside of the our ship he somehow failed to notice the fact that it was an explosive; if it weren’t for Nathan’s quick warning I would have been acclimating to some new cybernetics.

I have some suspicions that I need to talk with Samiel about; I have a nasty feeling that the whole chase back at the Wheel was a distraction and that we may have a traitor onboard; traitor or not that droid is a dick.


Vwls JordanCruz

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