Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Fluidity vs Overpowerment
A lesson in adaptability

Despite the turbulent rush of water corralling Jace through the inner workings of the crashed cruiser, the young man managed to keep somewhat oriented and braced at just the right places to avoid being seriously injured. All things considered, the ride was actually quite a rush and gave him the same thrill that came with piloting an agile starfighter. He even would have whooped in excitement, but the preservation of his own life trumped any desire to express his excitement. So he took in precious air when given the chance and just rode it out.

Right out of the engine nacelle into the lake dozens of meters below.
Jace let a long expletive as he tried swimming in midair to futilely slow his descent. When he hit bottom all, he saw was black.

“Get up boy! I didn’t hit you that hard” the gravelly tone said.

A 13 year old Jace Corrender wanted to just ignore the voice and return to blackness, but something in the back of his consciousness reminded him that such a course of action would only guarantee more pain in the future.

His eyes opened to reveal the orange sky of Praexon III and if it wasn’t for the fact that he laid in a crumpled heap with the taste of copper in his mouth, it would have been a pleasant view. Unfortunately, such wasn’t the case so Jace blindly reached for the staff that he had been knocked out of his hands.

“Yeah, but you got me in the right spot.” He finally replied as he returned to his feet.
“That’s right! You’re depending too much on your muscles. I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve simply tried to overpower me, but do know how many times it has succeeded.”
The aged Duros that Jace had only known as Mr. Wanteal paused for a moment before continuing.

“That would be zero if your brain hasn’t turned back on.”

Jace sighed and lowered his head in resignation after disappointing him for what seemed the thousandth time.

With a softer voice, Mr. Wanteal continued.

“There’s always going to be somebody who will be bigger than you, so you need to learn how to adapt kid. Overwhelming force is for the Empire and Hutts. Remember that.”

Jace’s eyes shot open and he was a boy no more.

He lay on his side on the shores of the lake and also realized he was in the midst of a serious coughing fit. Once he was able to taste that oh so sweet jungle air without emptying his stomach and lungs of fluid, he looked to his side to realize that the only reason he had survived was because he didn’t try to fight the flow of the water.

“Thanks Mr. Wanteal” he whispered before getting to his feet and setting off to track his companions.

Cholganna not for the faint of heart

We made another short trip to the next crash site to discover the ship was mostly submerged. I gotta admit I didn’t have a good feeling about going into the ship half filled with water. The ship was acting as damn but was leaking from all sides and tons of fast flowing water.

Jace volunteered to row the boat we found on shore so I jumped on with Fix to get to the boat first. Gadik and Samiel stayed behind because they couldn’t fit, but I admit I felt better knowing Gadik was watching our backs. Unfortunately, he was so busy making sure we were safe he didn’t notice the Nexu about to pounce. The fighter had quick reflexes though and after the nexu tried to bite Samiel Gadik dealt him a severe wound. Samiel followed up with some fire. The three of us were spectators as the fight ended very quickly with the giant cat running away for easier prey.

Once we all made it to the ship we began our search. We searched for several hours with only Gadik and Jace having the fun of a water slide. Once we were able to catch up with both of them we discovered that they were in a room no scavengers had gotten into. Jace picked up an electric staff and Fix collect a lot of odds and ends in parts.

As we were leaving the ship I noticed smoke trails from so air traffic. It looked fairly recent but no planes were in the air. We rushed back to our ship to find Ish with a pile of rats that he said were attacking the ship. Once onboard I was feeling much better more in control. We made our way to the next crash site and I decided to put the ship down closer on a narrow ledge. I was concerned that the other ship would already beat us here and this would save us time. Luck was with me as it usually is when I’m flying and we touched down perfectly.

I grabbed my gas mask and an extra shock grenade and we made our way into the last ship component that looked like someone was using as a base. There could have been survivors at one time. We entered an intersection and IT-3 notified us that he thought the bridge was to the right, the comms array to the left and the vaults below us. Gadik and Samiel immediately wanted to check the vaults. I had my concerns because Samiel mentioned he heard some skittering when he fell on our arrival.

Gadik lead the way and once he touched down on the floor he noticed not one but three nexu around him. He shot first but the nexu was unperturbed as it attempted to bite his face. I shouted down there was no clean grenade throw and for Gadik to move back but he said to throw it anyways.

I lobbed one of my stun grenades down the vault and it exploded hitting all 4 of the bodies down there with sonic waves. I climbed down after the throw and drew my blaster. At least with more targets they won’t all attack Gadik at once.

Jace and Fix came back after me but did not hit much as the creatures had a terrifying presence. One nexu stepped up to attack me with its tail which I noticed was augmented somehow with electric fields. Fix was attacked by another giant cat with electric metal claws. My nexu hit me again and I kept my composure from the electric field. I stepped back and fired a stun shot from my Genosian blaster and dropped the cat.

My main threat down I looked around to see Gadik and Jace fighting his nexu and the clawed nexu pawing at the ground but no Fix. I turned and opened up on the clawed nexu and knocked it back enough for me to see Fix overload the creature’s claws. With the electric field down the creature was still deadly and it continued to maul Fix tearing at his leg. Jace finally killed the nexu with his electric staff which freed up Gadik to take the final shot at the last nexu.

I rushed over to Fix and gave him a stim pack to wake him up. With the immediate threat down Gadik went and bandaged up Fix. For the moment we appeared to be safe but we need to keep moving on or the empire or the other salvager crew might catch up to us.

Bad Mood

I don’t dare send a transmission home. As much as I want to let my family know that I’m alright they’ve got enough on their plate, and gods know we don’t need the heat should the wrong person intercept. I’ll send back a care package as soon as I can put one together and find somebody trustworthy enough to get it home…maybe a micropod with the right heading…seems like a long-shot, but I’ll take a look at the math.

I’ve always been more comfortable in the company of computers and machines than people; up until lately their ability to converse, and argue with me has been limited. I was able to compile and reconstruct the battle droid research we took from Teemo’s palace back on Tattooine, I put it into an old astromech shell I’ve been working on, both for convenience and the whole battle droid thing is seems a little taboo. The exercise was better in theory than in practice; he’s blood thirsty, but I think he’ll come around.

He’s had some altercations with ID3; the protocol droid that was sent to accompany us; I can hardly blame him, that thing’s awful. Frankly I don’t trust him, he’s been scanning our ship and everything on board; you’d think he’d be more grateful after we rescued him back at The Wheel. Despite all of his scrutiny and his ability to somehow detect a rogue tracking device on the outside of the our ship he somehow failed to notice the fact that it was an explosive; if it weren’t for Nathan’s quick warning I would have been acclimating to some new cybernetics.

I have some suspicions that I need to talk with Samiel about; I have a nasty feeling that the whole chase back at the Wheel was a distraction and that we may have a traitor onboard; traitor or not that droid is a dick.

Click, BANG, OWW

Upon departing the Wheel in what I can only say as a stomach turning departure, Gadik and I, each being the most physically beat up members of this crew, debated the best use of time in the Bacta tank. My time in the tank was somewhat a mix of great dreams with a foreboding – gonna be sucked into space at any moment – type feel. Dreams of lifting large objects have been on my mind as of late, but with the experience of the unfortunate exploding bounty hunter not far in the past, that dream becoming a reality will rely on some help from a mechanical or cybernetic friend. After emergence from the Bacta tank feeling a lot less pain and stiffness in recent wounds; I believe the next few days could be a great adventure with profit and plunder possible in our near future. Hearing our new companion droid mention things stuck to us and wondering what the hell we keep our little friend fix around for. The debate to remove the tracker was a very split decision, with our pilot Nathan having the plan we inevitable went with. Breaking from hyperspace we all knew something was going horribly wrong and if the crew as a whole didn’t jump into action our short time with our new space ship was going to turn into an eternity entombed and frozen. With Nathan on the stick and Fix doing his techy things, Gadik and I were left to try to see something, anything out of the small ports that lead to the large rocks attempting to end our little pleasure cruise. Seeing one at almost the very last minute I was able to guide Nathan and the rest of the crew to be on high alert and helped to avoid being struck by the largest of rocks. Crisis averted for the moment, we set down on the jungle planet to remove the lovely tracking device that someone had placed on us. Good thing Fix hadn’t gained much weight because the panel he had to slide behind didn’t leave much wiggle room. As the biting insects around us became much more annoying than even the worst of the filibuster back on the council, our small friend chirped he was complete. Upon Fix slapping the part on the outside of the ship a red light began to blink and an almost inaudible hum began to emanate from the removed device; we were going to have a small fireworks show and I for one hoped it didn’t involve Sullustan parts. After what could only be construed as someone who has never thrown anything, ever, the device ended up astonishingly far away from our friend Fix. After a quick once over of the crew to make sure everyone had all their bits, it was good to see that Fix seemed unfazed, but I guess when you destroy equipment as often as he does a little explosion that far away is like a day off to him. Nathan on the other hand had started to show a lot more stress, which resulted in an almost anger towards his fellow shipmates. His stress seemed to spike after the explosion even though he was the furthest away from the device and its inevitable resting spot. These episodes will require further evaluation, and I hope it won’t detract from his overall use to the crew. Finally, most things seemed to calm down a bit and after a few hours of flying we found our query. The next few hours were slightly hazy but in them I remembered a long fall followed by a hard landing, shooting some grotesque things and eventually finding what we were looking for. Upon return to our ship, and another debate on medical issues, the comms started crackling in what Jace told us was Imp codes and gibberish. Hearing this oh so great news, the first words out of my mouth were, FIX JAM THEIR COMMS, HELL JAM EVER……

Salvage Run in the Jungle

As we got IT-3 aboard the ship I noticed the cargo bay doors begin to shut. “We gotta get out of here. Get strapped in,” I shouted as I powered up the ships thrusters. I was lucky and was able to angle the ship between two teeth in the hanger doors without even scratching the paint. I skirted the edge of range of the tractor beams. Not that I thought they expected us to escape the hanger but you can never be too careful.
The Perlean trade routes were pretty easy to navigate so I let the kid put in the cords and we entered hyperspace. Safely in hyperspace Samiel and Gadik quickly began discussing who’s getting in the tank first. That bacta tank was one of the best investments we made so far. The trip was only going to take a week so I figured I’d let Bones (our medical droid) tend to my wounds.

Once we popped out on the Perlean road, I worked with Fix to get the coordinates right. Cholgana’s vectors were pretty tricky and I have some experience mapping all over the galaxy. We got as close as we could to the planet but came out of hyperspace with no scanners and in a cloud of gas. Quickly I was able to maneuver the large ship around the biggest asteroids. We only took a few light glancing blows to the ship’s hull and by the time we were out of the asteroid field Fix got the scanners back up and going.

We made a pit stop on the planet to off load our transponder that IT-3 found. After about 30 mins of tinkering Fix was able to remove the transponder. All of the sudden it started blinking getting faster as it went. Gadik noticed immediately that it was a bomb. He shouted, “Throw it, it’s a bomb.” Fix was so flabbergasted that he nearly threw the transponder straight up. It was going to fall back and take him out. I reached out with my hands trying to push it away as I had done when my blaster was floating in my room. I yelled out, “Nooo”, in anger. I felt instantly cold and the bomb hovered in midair instead of dropping down. I was then able to toss it another 10 feet before it blew.

Tapping into that cold darkness I felt on edge. I’m not sure I should do that again, I thought to myself. No one seemed to notice the bomb was hovering so I don’t think I have to explain what just happened to anyone. I don’t think they would believe me or understand what I was saying anyways. I still felt ice cold when we came up to the valley we had to climb down to on our trek to the escape pod. I started to climb down but lost my grip and started falling. Luck was on my side and I was able to use three tree branches to slow my decent.

Samiel, Fix and Jace suffered the worst of the falls. Gadik did his best to tend to the three of them. Deep in thought I missed the three arboreal octopi creeping down the trees toward the wounded. Gadik was quick to respond and shot the one above Samiel and him. Samiel must have been practicing because he had a good shot on the one going after Fix. The octopi shot by Gadik made for higher ground while the other two attacked Fix and Jace. They were both entangled in the tentacles and the creatures looked like they were going to make for the trees. I shot at the one holding on to Fix, but the creature responded by holding up the defenseless Fix to block the shot. The octopus holding fix was distracted by my shooting so Gadik was able to shoot him from behind dropping the creature. Jace was able to escape the grasp of his octopus although 10 feet in the air. The hot shot pilot displayed his agility in swinging down the tree branches to land safely on the ground. Samiel and Fix shot at the last octopus dropping it to the ground.

Samiel gave us a little pep talk and although I wasn’t feeling very positive I did start feeling the warmth of the jungle again. We made our way at last to the escape pod to see rather large bugs infesting the pod. Gadik thought about stunning the insects which sound like a good idea so I chunked a sonic grenade at the pod. I judge the distance wrong and it hit the lip of the pods door, but the grenade went off before it fell in the water dropping all of the giant mosquitos.

Fix and Jace retrieved the data of the main location of the Sa Nalaor and we were able to easily make our way back to the ship. I was still a bit paranoid and asked Fix to do another scan of the ship and surroundings. Nothing was done to the ship to my relief. But Fix was able to sense the Nightflyer but we also picked up Imperial communication. Time is going to be an issue so we decided to push forward. With three team vying for the ships information we had to get in and out as soon as possible and hopefully get passed the empires ship. I’m really hoping they didn’t bring a star destroyer or we are screwed. If we get to Rexus Prime we need to make sure we get hazard pay, only 10,000 credits to tangle with the empire doesn’t seem worth it.

Bug Bites and Bleached Bones
Raid Grenades For The Win

After a short time with my new companions, I have learned that though each of them are capable in their own right, I wouldn’t exactly call us a well oiled machine…at least not when it comes to trekking through a dangerous jungle famous for its adverse terrain and no shortage of predators. Of course, things could have been much worse, so I suppose I’ll just have to remind myself that if it wasn’t for these gentlemen, I’d be stuck on the Wheel with hardly a credit to my name.

I kept to myself for the most part, strapping in the first available seat after boarding their Wayfarer-Class medium transport designated Stargazer. Now, I know my around cockpit pretty well, but I will admit that piloting that monstrosity must be quite challenging. I’l be the first to admit it, Nathan could probably fly circles around me. The man must have some serious skill to so easily maneuver the behemoth!

Hyperspace travel was as boring as ever and many of the crew spent a good portion healing up from some of their previous dealings. Oh, there was the not-so-insignificant fact that some type of tracker had been hidden on the ship prior to our departure. I’ll wager that the ER salvage crew had something to do with this. After all, they did try and run off with CZ-13. Fix seemed to want to take it out on CZ and the fact that the droid responded with the emotion of . . . well . . . a robot/droid only seemed to anger the Sullustan even more! It was highly entertaining I must say.

Removing the thing once we landed set us back a bit and nearly killed Fix after he removed it. This little salvage mission is getting more curious with each step forward. After dealing with exploding tracking devices and swallowing the gulp that had lodged in my throat, we then continued on with our mission.

Bugs, hidden beasts, and the general heat of the jungle were easy enough to put at the back of my mind, but I won’t lie . . . my life nearly ended after a simple climb down the side of a cliff. Sure it was rather embarrassing falling like that, but I wasn’t the only one. Samiel seemed to suffer the worst from the fall seeing as how he decided to hit every protruding edge on the way down with his head. Fortunately, Gadik seemed to know his way around the outdoors and used a particularly pungent smelling plant to wake the man up.

Now, the next few moments seemed to happen a blur. One moment I was tending to my own wounds and the next, I was being grappled by something I would later learn to be an aboreal octopus. Sounds of blaster fire filled the air while I struggled to no avail. Oblivious to everything else going around me, I intensified my struggles and managed to pry myself free whilst being dangled about 6 meters in the air. Once free, I managed to flip down and stick the landing without further injury. I figure I’d fallen enough for the day.

At least that’s what I told myself.

With the beasts either dead, dying, or have fled, we all collected ourselves again and proceeded to investigate the crashed pod. A quick inspection of the area showed that the passengers didn’t get very far and that the pod had become a nest for thousands of particularly nasty thumb sized insects. One alone was annoying, but thousands? No thank you. A few thousand credits wasn’t worth it.

Fortunately, Nathan had a solution and tossed in a grenade that effectively stunned or killed them all long enough for Fix and I to wade over and inspect the pod. We found more bodies with uniforms that had CIS on the sleeves. A short time later, Fix managed to salvage a few useful items and we made our way back. I did scoop up a pristine nexu skull as a souvenir before returning to the Stargazer.

While the crew was preparing for takeoff, I heard a garbled message over the intercom. I couldn’t make out the majority of it, but I did catch a familiar phrase that screamed Empire.

Only two words escaped my mouth as I considered an Imperial presence.

Bantha Poodoo

Welcome to the Jungle (of Cholganna)
When life brings you to a jungle, make jungle juice.

Off to Cholganna. On the 6 day journey our medical droid was able to fix my nasty looking gash on the side of my face. I knew that sleemo surgeon on the The Wheele was a phony hack. A couple days in the bacta tank was all that was needed to rid myself of the agonizing wounds pestering me for the past several weeks now.

The remainder of the hyperspace trip was uneventful. I kept seeing Iish flip out his combat knife toward IT-3 when his back was turned toward him. IT-3 pretty much kept to himself. One the last day of our flight IT-3 and Fix were talking, when Fix blurted out “Tracking device!?” That had everyone’s attention real quick. IT-3 picked up a tracking device using our ships scanners. It has been reporting our location, heading, and speed back to a ship most likely trailing us. There was nothing we could do in the midst’s of hyperspace travel. Upon arriving to Cholganna we managed to exit our jump in the middle of an asteroid field. The Stargazer took a glancing blow but Nathan was able to manage the field. We quickly descended to the planet and removed the tracking device. Looks professional. After Fix managed to pop the tracker off, it started blinking. “Throw it!” I yelled. It Looked like Fix didn’t even react, but it flew off his hands and detonated a safe distance away. Nathan had seen what I saw and started waving his hands around frantically. Looked like he was trying to push it out of Fix’s hand but he was at least 10 feet away from him.

Now that the tracker was removed we started our scan of the planet’s surface to look for signs of the Sa Nalaor. We isolated a quadrant of the planet to start our search. Several hours later turned up a possible location for a crash site and escape pod. Once again we descended to the planets surface. As we made our final landing approach to the escape pod’s location the ships sensors picked up the a silhouette coming into the planet’s orbit. It was the Night Flyer. Those moof-milkers are here too! Fortunately for us, they were on the other side of the planet, and didn’t seem to know our location as of yet.

It was easy enough to find a landing spot as close to the escape pod as we could. Stepping off of the Stargazer we looked upon a dense jungle. Loud strange noises coming from the dark depths of the brush. An ominous hum of insects swarmed around us. The humidity weighted on all of us as we trekked into the forest. This place had us all on edge, too many hiding spots and ambush spots. We were out in the open in unfamiliar terrain. Most of the party was able to keep their wits about them, Nathan was especially on edge. After a short hike up a rivers edge brought us to a crevasse. Ascending down was not tricky with the climbing gear I stuffed in my backpack. The remainder of the group was not as nibble. Samuel stumbled on the way down, loosing his grip and crashing into others below him. Everyone took a hard fall. Samuel was knocked unconscious, hitting his head hard on the landing. Luckily there was some Ballalic plants near by. The juices from the leaves of this plant has a pungent enough oder that a Gamorrean would find repulsive. A bit rubbed under Samuels nose was enough to snap him out of unconsciousness.

While tending to the wounds of the others I caught a glimpse at three creatures ascending from the tree tops. Three aboreal octopuses were nearly on top of Jace, Fix, and Samuel. A quick shot from my blaster rifle seemed to stun the beast above Samuel who scurried off back into the treetops. Samuel hit another before it grabbed Fix. The third beast snared Jace. Nathan quickly drawed his heavy blaster and popped off a shot at the creature holding Fix. Unfortunately the blaster fire caught Fix in the side causing a nasty wound. My heavy blaster delivered the killing blow and releasing Fix from the it’s grasp. With Jace in its clutches, the third beast ascended upward into the canopy. Jace was able to pry away from the grip and make an acrobatic tumble to the ground… showoff. Fix and Samuel were able to bring the beast down before it could make another attack on our group. Ugly looking things.

Turning our attention past the encounter, the escape pod lay in the middle of swamp. The hatch blown off, and insects swarmed the area. humanoid skeletons and the remains of the Nexu remained in the wreckage. Nathan cleared the ship of nasty looking insects with a stun grenade allowing Jace and Fix to wade out to the pod and recover the voice recorder and general location of the Sa Nalaor. The trek back to the ship was much easier going then the trip out. After a quick moment to catch our breath and escape the humidity of the jungle we began preparing the Stargazer for takeoff. Jace heard over the intercom a message too jumbled to make out, but one thing was clear, it was Imperial ship coming out of hyperspace near orbit. What is the empire doing out this far? Are thy working with the Nightflyer? Are they here to recover the technology from the Sa Nalaor? Were they the ones tracking us? Too many possible answers, too many unknown questions.

Down On Luck

It was a much friendlier place on The Wheel then our last several stops. Samuel and I hit the Sabacc tables first thing. I lost a few credits as usual. Samuel faired a bit better hitting big on the last hand. I never get that lucky. And of course he soaked in the applause and attention from the crowd that had formed at our table. The same crowd that just saw me lose one of my worst hands ever. How embarrassing.

We met a fellow more down on his luck then myself, goes by the name Jace. He seems good intentioned. One of those cocky pilot types, but in some way different then the standard run of the mill hot shots I’ve come to know and forget throughout the years. Jace had a lead on a job. Having lost a few credits at the tables and eyeing a new piece of laminate armor I was ready for the next payout.

Jace brought us to the local headquarters of Isotech. There we met with a director, which wanted us to chase down the Sa Nalaor, a treasure ship. I’m all about cashing in on a job or dice game, but a treasure ship seems a bit farfetched for me to believe. My immediate thought was this was a cover up to lure us to an uninhabited part of the galaxy so we could get robbed. I was a bit less cautious of the whole thing when Samuel negotiated 25% of the agreed upon fee upfront. All we needed to do was locate the ship and search for some techy junk that some has-been researcher was working on. There was something about dangerous beasts and no one ever returning kind of ghost tails nonsense made to scare children. I honestly wasn’t paying attention until we were talking about credits.

After leaving Isotech I had stopped by the medical bay to see if they could fix the gash in my face. I was thinking that getting this god awful thing of a face fixed would make me feel better about being humiliated at the Sabacc tables. Just my luck, it was worse then I expected, or at least as worse as the stares and grotesque looks on peoples faces were portraying. The surgeon couldn’t do anything without extensive treatment, what a waste of credits… I knew I should have hit the Sabacc tables instead of coming to this lack of talent medical bay. I picked up a vacuumed sealed set of laminate armor hoping the purchase would spark some spirit in me, but it didn’t. In the process Samuel had asked one too many questions about a set of heavy armor for Nathan which almost got him arrested. I swear that guy is the luckiest son of a nerf herder I know. Nathan and I ducked through the alleyways to avoid the authorities. I picked up some other gear for what I thought would be needed on our next trip. Feeling down about the Sabacc tables, the disappointing trip to the medical bay, and no thrill from my new purchases, I decided it was probably best if I just headed back to the ship. I got a few harsh beeps from Iish when I walked onboard. My only guess being he was probably jealous of my new armor and a bit pissed that I didn’t have any new toys from him. I was half hoping he would stab me in the leg right there and let me bleed out. I couldn’t look any more like a monster then I do now. I climbed in the bacta tank for a bit of solitude and escape from the world.

I awoke from the bacta tank to hear Fix screaming on the PA system. He was mumbling something about the protocol droid with the coordinates to the Sa Nalaor was being hijacked from us by a group of rodians. Its going to take more then a group of rodian thugs to get in-between me and my payday. With bacta still in my eyes, and not entirely sure of what was happening, Samuel shoved a bola in my hands before he took off running at the rodians. Nathan was waving his hands strangely at the rodians when the gravity sled suffered some sort of mechanical failure. Seriously, they picked the worst piece of space junk for their getaway. Jace ran out into the hanger bay, paused for a moment and took off toward the protocol droid. Luckily I was able to find a V-5 gravity sled running by one of the shops. I jumped on and punched it. I was able to catch up to one of the rodians and entangle him with the bola. Nathanial was able to drop another rodian in an exchange of stun blaster shots. By now a crowd had formed in all the commotion as Samuel shouted for authorities to help stop the thieves. With the help form the mob, Jace was able to catchup with the last rodian. Sure he could have just waved a blaster in his face to make him stop, but Instead Jace gave the rodian what he deserved, a solid kick to the face. I’m liking the new guy’s style. The force from the kick knocked the rodian from the sled as a gratifying smile stretched across what little face I have.

The rodian thieves were apprehended, but not before the remainder of their gang and ship blasted off from The Wheel. I have a feeling we did not see the last of them. Obviously they are looking to cash in on our job… Its going to be more then stun blasters and bolas if we meet again in the remoteness of the outer rim.

Hard Mode

I am a tin-can. A fat little cylinder with a spinning top; a child’s toy. A skilled warrior in an astromech’s shell. No arms, no weapons; my voice is an adorable series of beeps and whistles. My only allies are this bunch of idiots, the pilot, the criminal, the body guard, and the biggest idiot; the grease-monkey who slapped me together. I don’t hate them, but they’re morons.

My idiots seem to mean well, but this is no organized group, their actions are hardly those of functional beings. One sits in the bacta tank recuperating from whatever their last idiotic endeavor was while the others find new trouble. It does not appear logical that they have all survived to this point in their lives.

I considered stabbing the creator with the knife he provided to quell my frustration, but it occurs to this unit; the idiots need saving. Their survival is statistically improbable, but combat is imminent, possibly unavoidable. Destroying the idiots would be too easy, but assisting them will undoubtedly provide an enjoyable challenge; I will submit enhancement requests to the creator while adapting to this unfortunate shell.


A ship was in need 2 days out from the wheel. I knew that in this space there was no empire to save them, and as much as I felt it was a trap. I just couldn’t leave them to die. I’m sure I’ll remind myself of that from now on. But we didn’t go over there unaware of the dangers at least.

I recommend Gadik and I go. We were the most combat capable. Samiel was in the tank and the kid is still green behind the ears. We took defensive positions and moved onto the vessel. Fix stayed at the controls get us out of there if it got hairy.

I saw them a hair before Gadik did as if I felt them coming. They attacked from the front and rear. Gadik did some fine shooting dropping two of them. But my shots went wild as I tried to shoot with both my guns to make up for being out numbered. The pirates were prepared and wisely used a gas grenade on us. Unable to cope with the toxins I was hurling toward the darkness.

I awoke on a water world surrounded by Imperial agents in black armor. No words were said but I felt overwhelming fear as they ignited some kind of light swords. I was flung forward into the water gasping for air and unable to breath. With only a few minutes of air left I reached out my hand towards an underwater platform hoping against hope to bridge the distance. Impossibly I flew like an arrow towards the platform and the air it had trapped inside.

I woke up in my state room. Still foggy and scared. As I looked around my genosian blaster was floating in the air between the night stand and my bed. I watched it for a second before I reached out still thinking I was in a dream. The weapon flew into my hand just before Fix walked in.

Ashamed I quickly lowered the weapon. “Just Jitters,” I said to play off that I was holding a blaster at the kid. “How’s Gadik,” I asked? I was filled in on how they saved my worthless hide. I’m still unsure on how to tell the team about my dream. But it really freaked me out.


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