Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Infinity and Beyond

We left New Meen in a better position than when we arrived. But I wonder for how long? The drive back to Nabat was very quiet so I decided to speak up. “So where are we going from here guys,” I asked?

I paused as no one really answered. This was really the first time we were able to talk alone about our future. I looked back over my shoulder toward Samiel and Gadik. “We need to clean the ships registration. We need to find a buyer for that Ryll spice too.”

“That seems like all we need to do right away, but long term we might want to consider what this crew is going to be about. I would be cool with shipping rare goods, exploring and maybe even bounty hunting. But It seems to me we need to get some leverage on our side if we want to survive the Teemos wrath,” I said turning back to the road to wait for a response.

Ryloth Heat

Ryloth was a desert planet very similar to Tatooine but for whatever reason despair clung to you like sweat stains on your shirt. We procured a land speeder in Nabat and made our way to New meen. We intended to make the journey in the morning to cut down on surface temperature but it was already 100 degrees at 8am. The ride to the New meen was going to relatively calm despite the open air cab so I decided to take a winding road toward our destination.

A shot rang out across the sand dunes. I was able pitch the ship to the right to prevent permanent damage to the engine but we were slowing down fast. I jumped out of the cab with lightning speed and returned fire at the first thing I could see. It was a human bounty hunter. I understood seconds later when Trex reared his ugly head. The expert bounty hunter shot me in the left shoulder when I was too slow to duck down. I popped another shot off not really caring if I hit and slammed a stim back in my thigh. It was going to be a really long morning.

I was able to disarm one human and Gadik shot the other one in the hand forcing him to drop his weapon. We were down to an even gun fight. Nix was running around checking the ship and shouting that there wasn’t time; when he had a great idea and ran off to steal the bounty hunters land speeder. Like I’ve said before, I like this kids style.

Samiel made a rather heroic mad dash to distract the 2 remaining bounty hunters. I was able to wound the gand bounty hunter with a lucky shot and he retreated into the cave with the two human bounty hunters. Gadik’s next shot miraculously woke up a giant bug really sealing our escape. After all the screaming I made an executive decision to get the F out of dodge and make a run for it.

That Trandoshan really had a hard on to kill me for some reason. I guess he knew I flew his ship or maybe the force or whatever hates me. Don’t really know but he kept peppering the ground around me with blaster fire as I ran. Gadik finally took him out and I returned the favor dropping the one targeting Nix who was starting up the speeder we “found”. An explosion shook the ground and I turned to see Samiel and what was left of Trex in a crater.

“Shit…. Shit” I kept saying, as I slide on top of the land speeder and jumped into the cockpit. “Get in,” I shouted as I floored it to where the Samiel lay on the ground. Gadik and Bura Ban helped pull Samiel from the sand and I was able to gun the engines as I saw the giant bug emerging from the cave mouth.

We arrived in New Meen on a somber note. The Twi’lek were able to put some synthetic skin on Samiel and I hit him with like 3 stim packs. He looked like a zombie rising from the dead. Man our face looked almost like a trandoshan. I handed him some water and filled him in on what Bura Ban had told us.
The situation was dire and we had to decide to help them deal a decisive blow or help them leave. Gadik really wanted to help the Twi’lek’s and I know everyone else felt like running. But my mom always said one for all and all for one so I convinced everyone to join in and raid the Hut thug’s hideout.

We waited til night and entered on foot as a group of thugs speed off to rough up the town of New Meen. Gadik expertly kept us from causing an alarm as we searched the barracks. We could find anyone matching the description of the boss so we decided we had to hit the cantina. I convinced Nix to drive a truck away to distract them. With luck we could pick a few off. I think the kid had a little too much fun crashing into the bad guys rigs, but it did the job. We were able to gun down four of the thugs before anyone knew what hit them.

As my luck would have it, the gun fire alerted the surviving Gand bounty hunter of our presence. His shot almost hit Gadik so we knew we had to get the sniper before he got us all. Nix commandeered another truck to pin the thugs into the cantina while we dealt with the bounty hunter. Luckily the Twi’lek decided to join us and jumped the bounty hunter from behind. After he was subdued, Samiel was able to convince the thugs to surrender for us sparing their lives. All in all, it could have turned out worse.

Anger leads to less

After shooting first and never really asking questions with tRex, I seem to have lost my crew’s confidence in my speaking out as the groups emissary. This is a problem that shall be remedied, by force of will or by any other means necessary. The Tie fighter fight was one of sheer skill by the crew, I have collected the right talent it seems for at least most of the jobs we have done as of yet. Relying on each individual’s skill in their expertise we made quick work of a small patrol of Tei Fighters. This shitbox we call a ship is full of well what smells like rotting bantha fodder, which turned out to be large pelts that the former owner of this wreck kept as who knows what, upon discovery those were quickly spaced and the chore of cleaning was done by the rest of the crew as I spoke with our newly found “friend” B’ura B’an. Upon hearing his story and seeing the most lucrative prospect that he is so richly entrenched in, we decided or well were forced to head to his planet for some much needed fuel and to see if we could secure Creds for our travels. Upon arrival the crew was met by a rather ragtag group of most likely common folk, nice enough but truly the galaxy handed these folks the on fire end of the stick but yet they still keep hold. Being escorted to what we could only assume was the council of elders for this group, I waited patiently for my opportunity to rub elbows with a very attractive twi’lek. Our ace pilot took this opportunity to try his smooth moves on the beauty which might have ruined a chance of a much more lucrative payday that the simple fixes that had been applied to our ship and a mildly lukewarm meal. But, seeing him crash and burn with the beautiful lady was possibly worth the credit loss, as my long term plan should be much larger than a single haul would ever set us back. The traveling life is not exactly what I prefer to be doing but if riches are to be had a few deeds here and there and a few less than comfortable nights might be in the game plan.


Getting shot at is way more than I bargained for when I hitched a ride from Sullust. On the ground it looked pretty dire, but once we got in the air, a lot of the tension fell off. This is a group of guys that know how to handle a ship, I’m still not sure if they could find the interface port on a central computer but, after taking down 4 Tie Fighters in a stolen ship, I’m confident that being in way over my head could’ve been accompanied by much less competent mentors.

She’s rancid on the inside, looks a bit beat-up from the outside but, as it turns out Trex’s ship might just polish up to be a decent spot to call home; for now at least. I’ve been cleaning as I go, and nobody seems to mind that I’ve settled down in the engineering bay. It’s not quite as cozy as my room back in Mos Shuuta, but I’ve pulled out a few of the light rods and there’s plenty of broken junk and spare parts I can work with I think I might even be able to manage an astromech if I can find the right parts, and get lucky with a little soldering and fabrication. The data pad has been tampered with and it going to require a few replacement parts, and Bivv’s blaster is going to need a crystal replacement and alignment; he won’t be happy if he finds out but, considering his trail’s gone cold, it might be a bit before we meet again.


I hope Mom’s alright; I’ve been able use the computer and the holonav onboard the Krayt Fang to get a handle where we are now in relation to home; the hope for contact from this distance is pretty unlikely given what I’ve got on-hand, but it’ll be worth a try when I get the opportunity. I’ve set up an encrypted SOS receiver/transcriber in my room back home along with a letter; if I can get the math right and find a good signal, I think I’ll be able to get messages home to let her know I’m alright and that I’ve found Bivv.

Runner Runner part 3

I’ll bet the four TIE fighters thought they had us dead to rights. But I gunned the engines and put the ship in a barrel roll bypassing the blockade. The ship groaned in protest but held together. The space lanes were clear which was not in our favor so I headed for a debris field.

Samiel jammed the communications of the TIE fighters and Nix installed the hyper matter igniter. The young Sullusan was noticeably scared when he reported on the coms that it was installed. In a calm voice I told him to angle the deflector shields. With luck he will sense my tone and keep it together. Gadik shot one of the TIE fighters, but now that they were in range it was their turn to respond.

Two of the TIE’s hit us as the shields briefly lost power. It was only a glancing blow so we are still in the fight. I shouted down to Nix to make some repairs and lined up the ship for a shot for Gadik. He blew the ship from the stars and we took some additional fire from the second group. Nix made some repairs but he said that was the best he could do so he made his way up to the cockpit.

Finally making it to the small debris field I was surprised to see only 5 to6 satellites. That’s enough I thought. I went into a crazy Ivan maneuver zig zagging through the field and almost made it through when two of the TIE fighters collided with us. Luckily our shields were back up from Nix’s hard work and the TIE fighters bounced off exploding. With all the action going on the last Starfighter couldn’t hit us.

We of course had other problems, as the ship spun out of control from the explosion. The sand covered ball of Tatooine loomed ahead in the forward window. The gravity pulling us back down as if Teemo was refusing to let us leave. Nix raised the power to the stabilizer thrusters and I turned the ship into the spin regaining control. I then flipped the ship on its back so that Gadik could get a shot at the last TIE. Samiel coordinated the shot so that Gadik hit him just as the TIE fighter finished his last maneuver and was lining up his attack. It exploded and we had a brief minute to think for once.

The hyperdrive was loading extremely slow so I gave it a love tap. While it was loading we took a few minutes to look at the ship. It smelled horrible, and there was the most annoying sound I ever heard coming from the speakers. Maybe Trex was yelling at us from the ground? Gadik found some left over food that he threw away and I found some bear pelts. Man this guy had some problems I thought. But then I realized these were too big to be a bear; they were Wookie pelts. I quickly spaced the 6 of them. Wookie’s can rip your arms off. I’m sure Samiel would have rather sold them, but I don’t want that kind of trouble.
Nix was able to stop the noise and Samiel and Gadik freed a Twi’leki prisoner. As they were talking I decided to at least get us in to hyper space and out of dodge. We only had enough fuel for Ryloth so I typed in the coordinates and we disappeared into the stars.

When I made it to the break room, I cleaned up a little before sitting down. I can’t really get comfortable in filth. It turns out Bura Ban was captured by Trex on Teemo’s behest and he asked us to return him to his town. We agreed and I took a nap.
When we arrived at Nabat we were quickly walked from the landing pad to the Twi’leki union office. It seems like Teemo was trying to take over their mines and that’s why they kidnapped Bura Ban. The sexy blue Twi’leki asked us to escort Bura Ban to New Meen in exchange for repairing and refueling our ship. I agreed at once she really needed our help, and I’m a chump for a girl in need.

New Sheep to the Fold

When Kat told me about her new friend I had to meet and bring him into my employ. Kat always has had an eye for talent and what she does with the others I prefer to not know the details. Now this odd little thing, that always seemed to be squinting and didn’t talk very much had “it”. After rewarding Kat, and feeding this poor little soul, I finally managed to get this thing to tell me his name, in a weak almost shiver he managed to squeak out Fix . After feeding and watering my new little flower, I got him below ground and into the workshop, which was little more than a converted maintenance closet that I had furnished with a small cot and workbench. Fix did well after a few days, any “discovered” broken tech was brought to him, bringing back to life things that me employees and I for that matter never thought might work again. When the dealings with the Hutt, were going to come to inevitable blows I knew I had to get this specialist and take him with us. I have yet to see the limit of his tech prowess but I know one day he might get us out of an unwinnable situation.

Swept Up

I’ve been in the dark since I got here, and I’m not just talking about the basement Samiel set me up in, I suppose I should have either asked a few more questions, or been wise enough to suspect these guys were up to some less than totally legal stuff, what with all the gear I was fixing and tuning up, nobody comes by that much wizard scrap legally, whatever the case is they…or I guess we are in some hot water, seems like they might have seen it coming the only warning I got was Nathan telling me to always keep Bivvy’s blaster on me.

He’s sorta an ominous guy…keeps callin’ me “Nix”, but I’m not gonna correct him. He’s the only real pilot I’ve ever met apart from Biv, seems like he’s seen more than his share; we’ve been getting shot at and he doesn’t seem nearly worried enough…none of ‘em do. I can’t tell if that’s good or bad yet, but I don’t think I’ll have to wait long to find out.

I don’t really know what ties these guys together, other than a surprisingly urgent need to get offworld. Nathan and Sam seem pretty familiar based on how much they butt heads and, until just recently I’d only heard of Gadik, he doesn’t seems to say a whole lot. Not long ago I overheard something about a Twi’lek girl, it sounded like his voice, but after meeting him I can’t imagine him getting so worked up as the voice from that conversation.

It hasn’t been long but I can’t say I’m too sad to get off Tattooine, or at least out of Mos Shuuta to see more of it, between all the sand and the sun it doesn’t seem like anyone would last long outside of a city here, at least on Sullust the smoke from volcanoes give us some relief from the sun; does a good job of trapping water too; I’ve been thirsty since I got here.

All the blaster fire has me a little shaken, but based on the waves of guys shooting at us it doesn’t seem like we had much of a choice but to take off as soon as possible. Still I feel bad for leavin’ thumbs behind, hopefully the junker doesn’t find him. Between him and Gadik’s Twi’lek I’m not so sure we’re done with Mos Shuuta, but we’ll certainly have to let things cool down before we even think about a rescue…and that’s all assuming the tie fighters don’t take us down before I can get the Hyperdrive installed.

Runner Runner part 2

From the Junker’s shop we had one more stop to make before trying to get off this rock. We went to the space port control center to try to get the ships docking lock off. We cased the joint and decided to go and get some slicer gear to get in the back door.

Samiel was able to find a black market dealer. He negotiated a deal where we ended up paying 300 credits and gave up my scanner goggles. After getting the slicer gear Nix was able to bypass the back door to the space port controls allowing us access. Samiel and Nix convinced the crew there that they were doing routine repairs and were able to unlock the landing pad.

Once outside the space port our bad luck threw a wrench in the equation and 6 storm troopers spotted us. We were caught in a desperate fire fight. Gadik was taken down by 3 stun rounds right in the beginning. Using my death hammer blaster, I was able to drop 4 more of the storm troopers before our suppressive fire downed the other 2.

Wounded and in dire straits we arrived at the landing pad right as Trex was exiting the Kryat Fang’s boarding ramp. Samiel attempted to threaten the Trandoshan gunman into giving us his ship for his life. He balked at the offer and he and his two droid fighters readied themselves for combat. Gadik was faster and fired off several shots wounding the Trandoshan. I turned my merr-sonn 434 on the first droid and dropped him.

Gadik was able to disarm the Trex and the slaver rushed our warrior and fought him claw to combat knife. Nix, Samiel and I were able to combine our efforts to drop the last droid as several storm troopers entered the landing bay. I yelled “time to go’” and turned my blaster to stun and shot Trex knocking him back and I boarded the ship. Using my affinity for ships I quickly made my way to the cockpit and lit off the engines. Gadik shot the slaver once more with a stun round finally incapacitating him and boarded the ship.

I took off with the boarding ramp open, Gadik hanging out firing to keep the storm troopers heads down. “We aren’t out of this yet, Gadik head to the turrets,” I yelled. Right after I hit space three TIE fighters were waiting for us.

Teemo the Hut

Teemo the Hut has sent his goons after us when we failed at an attempt to help a female Twi’lek slave escape his captivity. The salve girl, Naria’Kleth, was a former smuggling partner with her long time lover Berith’Kleth and was taken by the Hutt for payment when the pair lost its cargo to the empire. Berith’Kleth had hired us (more so begged us) to bring Naria’Kleth back to him form the cluches of Teemo in exchange for some credits. Teemo, had always wanted to keep Naria’Kleth for his own the moment he had seen her. He considers “The Slave Girl” to be one of his most prized possessions – and, at least in his mind, rightfully his now.

Runner Runner

I guess the meeting my buddy Samiel had with the Hutt didn’t go well. The good thing about being the getaway driver is that you usually get away. Teemo’s guys didn’t make it easy. Gotta give them credit.
I got most of the team away in an air car. Samiel, a hired gun and the kid Nix. That kids going to be someone one day as long as I can keep him alive long enough. We had to ditch the air car behind a corral.
Normally I’m running to the bar for my favorite scotch but this time we just needed to get off the streets. I wasn’t fast enough hiding as the 4 aliens stormed into the tavern so I had to make a choice. I fired first dropping the first grunt. Our gunman dropped two more and then Samiel convinced the barkeep to kill the last one.
We still had to get off this rock so on a tip we swung by the junk shop to get a hyper drive part. Samiel worked his magic with the owner and with a little help from Nix we ended up with the parts and a Droid named Thumbs.
We made our way through the town as stealthily as possible. We are on the look for the Krayt Fang a YT-1300 light freighter with black hull and red trim. The skinny on the cargo is that it’s Booster Blue, 10,000 credits worth. Trex usually deals in slaves so I have no idea where he came by it, but his inexperience with the scene is why it’s still on the ship. With luck the jerk will be off the ship and we can sneak on and get out of dodge.


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