One of few remaining R5 Astromech droids remaining from the failed Industrial Automation Corp line of “budget friendly” models, this droid was affectionately given the name “Thumbs” after stealing a hyper matter igniter from his previous owner in exchange for his own liberation.

Previously known as “tha trashcan ova there” by a junker in Mos Shuuta, he has a reputation for being lazy, no surprise given the R5 line’s track-record for malfunctioning personality matrices. These malfunctions most often manifest in mood swings and sarcasm, however they have also been know to take different forms; in the case of Thumbs and a few other R5 units it is the adoption of an overly social behavior with an almost total inability to recognize social cues and tones in addition to severely reduced capacity for multi-tasking.

Dented and dirty from the occasional kick by previous owners, those with some patience will find that, given proper direction Thumbs is a capable and skilled worker, even excelling at high-dexterity dissasembly, however his inconsistency makes relying upon him for his intended purpose as an astromech dangerous and inadvisable, given his social nature he is better suited as a tour-guide, a customer service representative, or an information kiosk.

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