A Stubborn Battle Droid in the body of an Astromech


Overzealous, and battlehungry the Droid retains a volatile powercore and a stubbornness when it comes to taking orders. He has an affinity for destructive weaponry and rarely remains stationary no matter his mood, much like an overly-energetic child.


Constructed somewhat haphazardly from the remains of an astromech found aboard the stolen ship of a Trandosian Bounty hunter, and partial battle-droid plans taken from Teemo the Hutt’s palace, Fix remains proud of the creation of his first droid.

Given the name ‘Ish’ on account of his Hybrid construction the Droid has reluctantly resolved to protect the crew of the Stargazer despite deeming their chances of survival statistically improbable. Regarding the crew as unorganized and incompetent in battle the droid sees combat as a unique challenge, especially when coupled with his own need to adapt to his astromech shell.

Despite viewing himself as superior in terms of survival he does retain a quiet affection for the crew of the Stargazer who he thinks of as his own group of helpless morons.


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