Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Welcome to the Jungle (of Cholganna)

When life brings you to a jungle, make jungle juice.

Off to Cholganna. On the 6 day journey our medical droid was able to fix my nasty looking gash on the side of my face. I knew that sleemo surgeon on the The Wheele was a phony hack. A couple days in the bacta tank was all that was needed to rid myself of the agonizing wounds pestering me for the past several weeks now.

The remainder of the hyperspace trip was uneventful. I kept seeing Iish flip out his combat knife toward IT-3 when his back was turned toward him. IT-3 pretty much kept to himself. One the last day of our flight IT-3 and Fix were talking, when Fix blurted out “Tracking device!?” That had everyone’s attention real quick. IT-3 picked up a tracking device using our ships scanners. It has been reporting our location, heading, and speed back to a ship most likely trailing us. There was nothing we could do in the midst’s of hyperspace travel. Upon arriving to Cholganna we managed to exit our jump in the middle of an asteroid field. The Stargazer took a glancing blow but Nathan was able to manage the field. We quickly descended to the planet and removed the tracking device. Looks professional. After Fix managed to pop the tracker off, it started blinking. “Throw it!” I yelled. It Looked like Fix didn’t even react, but it flew off his hands and detonated a safe distance away. Nathan had seen what I saw and started waving his hands around frantically. Looked like he was trying to push it out of Fix’s hand but he was at least 10 feet away from him.

Now that the tracker was removed we started our scan of the planet’s surface to look for signs of the Sa Nalaor. We isolated a quadrant of the planet to start our search. Several hours later turned up a possible location for a crash site and escape pod. Once again we descended to the planets surface. As we made our final landing approach to the escape pod’s location the ships sensors picked up the a silhouette coming into the planet’s orbit. It was the Night Flyer. Those moof-milkers are here too! Fortunately for us, they were on the other side of the planet, and didn’t seem to know our location as of yet.

It was easy enough to find a landing spot as close to the escape pod as we could. Stepping off of the Stargazer we looked upon a dense jungle. Loud strange noises coming from the dark depths of the brush. An ominous hum of insects swarmed around us. The humidity weighted on all of us as we trekked into the forest. This place had us all on edge, too many hiding spots and ambush spots. We were out in the open in unfamiliar terrain. Most of the party was able to keep their wits about them, Nathan was especially on edge. After a short hike up a rivers edge brought us to a crevasse. Ascending down was not tricky with the climbing gear I stuffed in my backpack. The remainder of the group was not as nibble. Samuel stumbled on the way down, loosing his grip and crashing into others below him. Everyone took a hard fall. Samuel was knocked unconscious, hitting his head hard on the landing. Luckily there was some Ballalic plants near by. The juices from the leaves of this plant has a pungent enough oder that a Gamorrean would find repulsive. A bit rubbed under Samuels nose was enough to snap him out of unconsciousness.

While tending to the wounds of the others I caught a glimpse at three creatures ascending from the tree tops. Three aboreal octopuses were nearly on top of Jace, Fix, and Samuel. A quick shot from my blaster rifle seemed to stun the beast above Samuel who scurried off back into the treetops. Samuel hit another before it grabbed Fix. The third beast snared Jace. Nathan quickly drawed his heavy blaster and popped off a shot at the creature holding Fix. Unfortunately the blaster fire caught Fix in the side causing a nasty wound. My heavy blaster delivered the killing blow and releasing Fix from the it’s grasp. With Jace in its clutches, the third beast ascended upward into the canopy. Jace was able to pry away from the grip and make an acrobatic tumble to the ground… showoff. Fix and Samuel were able to bring the beast down before it could make another attack on our group. Ugly looking things.

Turning our attention past the encounter, the escape pod lay in the middle of swamp. The hatch blown off, and insects swarmed the area. humanoid skeletons and the remains of the Nexu remained in the wreckage. Nathan cleared the ship of nasty looking insects with a stun grenade allowing Jace and Fix to wade out to the pod and recover the voice recorder and general location of the Sa Nalaor. The trek back to the ship was much easier going then the trip out. After a quick moment to catch our breath and escape the humidity of the jungle we began preparing the Stargazer for takeoff. Jace heard over the intercom a message too jumbled to make out, but one thing was clear, it was Imperial ship coming out of hyperspace near orbit. What is the empire doing out this far? Are thy working with the Nightflyer? Are they here to recover the technology from the Sa Nalaor? Were they the ones tracking us? Too many possible answers, too many unknown questions.


Vwls Spramat

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