Star Wars: No Disintegrations

Salvage Run in the Jungle

As we got IT-3 aboard the ship I noticed the cargo bay doors begin to shut. “We gotta get out of here. Get strapped in,” I shouted as I powered up the ships thrusters. I was lucky and was able to angle the ship between two teeth in the hanger doors without even scratching the paint. I skirted the edge of range of the tractor beams. Not that I thought they expected us to escape the hanger but you can never be too careful.
The Perlean trade routes were pretty easy to navigate so I let the kid put in the cords and we entered hyperspace. Safely in hyperspace Samiel and Gadik quickly began discussing who’s getting in the tank first. That bacta tank was one of the best investments we made so far. The trip was only going to take a week so I figured I’d let Bones (our medical droid) tend to my wounds.

Once we popped out on the Perlean road, I worked with Fix to get the coordinates right. Cholgana’s vectors were pretty tricky and I have some experience mapping all over the galaxy. We got as close as we could to the planet but came out of hyperspace with no scanners and in a cloud of gas. Quickly I was able to maneuver the large ship around the biggest asteroids. We only took a few light glancing blows to the ship’s hull and by the time we were out of the asteroid field Fix got the scanners back up and going.

We made a pit stop on the planet to off load our transponder that IT-3 found. After about 30 mins of tinkering Fix was able to remove the transponder. All of the sudden it started blinking getting faster as it went. Gadik noticed immediately that it was a bomb. He shouted, “Throw it, it’s a bomb.” Fix was so flabbergasted that he nearly threw the transponder straight up. It was going to fall back and take him out. I reached out with my hands trying to push it away as I had done when my blaster was floating in my room. I yelled out, “Nooo”, in anger. I felt instantly cold and the bomb hovered in midair instead of dropping down. I was then able to toss it another 10 feet before it blew.

Tapping into that cold darkness I felt on edge. I’m not sure I should do that again, I thought to myself. No one seemed to notice the bomb was hovering so I don’t think I have to explain what just happened to anyone. I don’t think they would believe me or understand what I was saying anyways. I still felt ice cold when we came up to the valley we had to climb down to on our trek to the escape pod. I started to climb down but lost my grip and started falling. Luck was on my side and I was able to use three tree branches to slow my decent.

Samiel, Fix and Jace suffered the worst of the falls. Gadik did his best to tend to the three of them. Deep in thought I missed the three arboreal octopi creeping down the trees toward the wounded. Gadik was quick to respond and shot the one above Samiel and him. Samiel must have been practicing because he had a good shot on the one going after Fix. The octopi shot by Gadik made for higher ground while the other two attacked Fix and Jace. They were both entangled in the tentacles and the creatures looked like they were going to make for the trees. I shot at the one holding on to Fix, but the creature responded by holding up the defenseless Fix to block the shot. The octopus holding fix was distracted by my shooting so Gadik was able to shoot him from behind dropping the creature. Jace was able to escape the grasp of his octopus although 10 feet in the air. The hot shot pilot displayed his agility in swinging down the tree branches to land safely on the ground. Samiel and Fix shot at the last octopus dropping it to the ground.

Samiel gave us a little pep talk and although I wasn’t feeling very positive I did start feeling the warmth of the jungle again. We made our way at last to the escape pod to see rather large bugs infesting the pod. Gadik thought about stunning the insects which sound like a good idea so I chunked a sonic grenade at the pod. I judge the distance wrong and it hit the lip of the pods door, but the grenade went off before it fell in the water dropping all of the giant mosquitos.

Fix and Jace retrieved the data of the main location of the Sa Nalaor and we were able to easily make our way back to the ship. I was still a bit paranoid and asked Fix to do another scan of the ship and surroundings. Nothing was done to the ship to my relief. But Fix was able to sense the Nightflyer but we also picked up Imperial communication. Time is going to be an issue so we decided to push forward. With three team vying for the ships information we had to get in and out as soon as possible and hopefully get passed the empires ship. I’m really hoping they didn’t bring a star destroyer or we are screwed. If we get to Rexus Prime we need to make sure we get hazard pay, only 10,000 credits to tangle with the empire doesn’t seem worth it.


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