Star Wars: No Disintegrations


A ship was in need 2 days out from the wheel. I knew that in this space there was no empire to save them, and as much as I felt it was a trap. I just couldn’t leave them to die. I’m sure I’ll remind myself of that from now on. But we didn’t go over there unaware of the dangers at least.

I recommend Gadik and I go. We were the most combat capable. Samiel was in the tank and the kid is still green behind the ears. We took defensive positions and moved onto the vessel. Fix stayed at the controls get us out of there if it got hairy.

I saw them a hair before Gadik did as if I felt them coming. They attacked from the front and rear. Gadik did some fine shooting dropping two of them. But my shots went wild as I tried to shoot with both my guns to make up for being out numbered. The pirates were prepared and wisely used a gas grenade on us. Unable to cope with the toxins I was hurling toward the darkness.

I awoke on a water world surrounded by Imperial agents in black armor. No words were said but I felt overwhelming fear as they ignited some kind of light swords. I was flung forward into the water gasping for air and unable to breath. With only a few minutes of air left I reached out my hand towards an underwater platform hoping against hope to bridge the distance. Impossibly I flew like an arrow towards the platform and the air it had trapped inside.

I woke up in my state room. Still foggy and scared. As I looked around my genosian blaster was floating in the air between the night stand and my bed. I watched it for a second before I reached out still thinking I was in a dream. The weapon flew into my hand just before Fix walked in.

Ashamed I quickly lowered the weapon. “Just Jitters,” I said to play off that I was holding a blaster at the kid. “How’s Gadik,” I asked? I was filled in on how they saved my worthless hide. I’m still unsure on how to tell the team about my dream. But it really freaked me out.


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